Monday 4 February 2013

Bobby Motta Dealer Show

February 4, 2013

Jeff Pinsky here.

Hope you are all well!

Yesterday at the shop we have magician/mentalist Bobby Motta perform a Dealer Demo Show/Performance. It was a lot of fun!!! So glad that so many of you were able to attend; even on a day when many North American's are focused on Superbowl festivities.

Bobby Motta has been coming to Browser's Den for about 15 or so years. And I have seen someone grow from a pure hobbyist into a busy professional magician.

What is particularly unique in Bobby's case is that he has created some truly wonderful effects; many of which he performed and explained yesterday for those in attendance.

Creating any sort of magical/mental effect is not easy. It is because Bobby has worked so hard studying the classics of magic and then added this creative juices/forces that he has come up with such miracles.

I will not take up space here describing the effects. You should check him out on Youtube. For me, my personal favorite is his ' Taste ' effect! Great for adults, kids, goodness I can see all sorts of applications to those who perform in the real word.

It makes me feel good that such a nice guy like Bobby Motta is doing well in a profession which is very tough! He is doing well because he is smart, works hard, good guy and most importantly...he shops at Browser's Den...just kiddin!

On another note it was truly wonderful to see so many new faces at the shop. It actually caught me off guard that people that I do not really know came for the first time to Bobby show and to my new free lessons on Saturday mornings.

Great that some of our very dedicated customers came such as: Professor Tom Ransom, Dr. Abells, John Pellatt, Vic, Chris, Dan Goldberg, Mohammed, Bernie, Stephen K. Chris Mayhew, Chris Westfall, Ahmed, Adnan, Fred, Rick Ross and many others. Great that Lisa Close came to help out behind the counter too!

Our next big event is the Shane Cobalt lecture on February 17.

Okee Dokee...Until next time-Jeff.