Tuesday 9 January 2018

Hi Denizens,

Well it is January 2018 and that means that we are only three months away from Browser's Magic Bash (Saturday, April 21, 2018).

We are so pleased that Garrett Thomas will also be performing and teaching at this year's Bash. He is one talented unique performer/artist.

Mr. Thomas will be joining: Pop Hadyn, Michael Close, Dick Joiner, Jay Sankey, James Alan, Nicholas Wallace and Chris Pilsworth.

And so many of the attendees will have opportunities throughout the day to show off some of their talent.

For full details about the Bash please take a minute by clicking on:


Let me know should you have any questions.

Magical Hugs,
Old & Young Jeff, John Tablot
Browser's Den of Magic
Serving Magicians Since 1975

Sunday 11 June 2017

June 2017

Hi Denizens!

Hope that all is well with you and yours. And I hope too that you are (finally) enjoying the nice summer weather.

Those of you who did not attend the April 2017 'Browser's Magic Bash' may not have heard that after fourteen years Shawna has left the shop.

She left on good terms. In fact she and her dear husband Marvin had some good fortune come their way and as a result they are able to take on new challenges.
Shawna still works one or two days each week doing secretarial work at an optician's office.

As I did publicly at the Bash I would like to repeat here that I want to thank her for her fourteen years of good customer service.

Do not despair Shawna will still be seen helping us out at the shop. In fact just last week at our semi-annual store auction Shawna capably handled the cash register duties; may I add she did not make a single error.

Now the old saying goes that with every cloud there is a silver lining. Well, in the case of Shawna leaving I beleive that many of you will agree with me that for in this case we have a gold lining.
That is, with Shawna's leaving I am able and glad to let you know that Jeff Hinchliffe has agreed to start working again fulltime at the shop.

Jeff Hinchliffe will be taking on Shawna's duties of updating our website as well as working beside me demonstrating and helping you our dear customers.

And of course for you serious cardicians Jeff is very qualified to help you with your questions.

Now with Jeff Hinchliffe's return I should be able to have a bit more time to do stuff like this (Blog's).

Until next time,
Old Jeff.

Thursday 20 November 2014

39th Anniversary Party

November 20, 2014

Dear Browser Denizens,

To all those who attended our 39th Anniversary Party last Sunday I send you all a giant THANK YOU!
It was a wonderful turnout of support for our shop. I am truly touched.

Now that the party is over I can also post that this year's 2014 Len Cooper Memorial Award went to worthy recipient Ryan Brown. He has worked very diligently on our beloved art of magic!

Also we were pleased to recognize the wonderful and relentless work of Nicole Lee.  Through her website she promotes all things magical.
It was nice too that both her daughter and husband were present to witness her award.

Of course Bernice Cooper co-founder of Browser's Den with the late Len Cooper, attended the party too. She showed up in the middle afternoon. 
So many attendees were pleased to see her friendly face. And Bernice was present to witness Ryan receiving the Len Cooper award.

I very much would also like to thank all of my kind helpers that day including: Shawna, Eric, Luiz, Lisa, John Michalson and Abdurrahman. Without their help it would have been an impossible task to have the day run as smoothly as it did.

So thanks again!!!

Yours Truly-Jeff Pinsky
Browser's Den of Magic
Serving Magicians Since 1975

Monday 27 October 2014

Time for a New Blog

October 27, 2014

Hi There Browser's Denizens,

No this (finally) new Blog is not a trick...and the way I write certainly not a treat.

It has been a few months since I posted anything new.
Some of you have figured out by now writing a Blog is not something I enjoy doing. For me, there are already so many Blogs and posts to read. And I truly feel I have little to add.

Further and I am not complaining just pointing out that I am at the shop six days a week. Each night after we close I get home between 8:15pm and 8:30pm depending on whether or not I am taking mail orders to the post office because we close at 7:00pm ish.
Then dinner...So as you can imagine there  is little time to construct somewhat coherent Blogs. And by 9:00pm I am a bit tired.  And thus a battle each night...Turner Channel Old Movies vs. Browser Blog.

Anyway, some of you mention my lack of writing new Blogs...so...here you go.

We have had many wonderful and fun events the past few months. All of which we have been blessed with strong attendance.

The Asi Wind and Chris Mayhew lectures were particularly strong and informative.

Chris provided a nice selection of old and some new effects. He is just such a fun guy to spend an afternoon of learning with.

Asi Wind...Well, for my money his lecture is filled with closers.  He is one smart sneaky fellow who really cares about magic.

We have some events coming up for your consideration in the new year.
And of course our 39th Anniversary party is only a couple of weeks away.

On another note we have many serious students of magic at the shop.
But I must point out one for his supreme level of creativity. And that person is Luiz Castro.
It is truly amazing how many ideas  he comes up with. Plus he takes his ideas and turns them into props/gimmicks.
He is an amazing guy!

Until next time.
Jeff Pinsky
Browser's Den of Magic
Serving Magicians Since 1975

Thursday 5 June 2014

Gordon Precious 90th Birthday Bash at Browser's Den

Dear Browser's Denizens,

Gordon performing at his birthday bash!
This past Sunday, June 1, 2014 we held the Gordon Precious 90th birthday party bash at the shop!

It was just GREAT!!      

What a fantastic turnout!! The shop was packed!
So many wonderful friends of the shop and Gordon's came out to support the event!

We had performances by Dave Merry, Christina Kaya and Gordon Precious himself.
Plus Scott Hood the president of the Canadian Association of Magicians presented a special award to Gordon.

Besides our wonderful customers there was also a nice array of prominent magicians, performers and key people of the magic community....including: Glenn Ottaway, Bill Abbott, Lee Asher, Daniel Garcia, Joan Caesar, Richard Forget, Jeff Hill, Mike Segal, Wij, Adam Swaye, James Alan, Danny Hammil, Nicole Lee, and Lisa Close!

And my father's older brother Jerry Pinsky came in from Montreal to visit me and meet some of our customers. My uncle is a young 81 year old eye doctor...who still works full time at his office.  Even my Annie came out to the event for a short while... actually she along with uncle Jerry delivered the cake.

If you look at the photos that Lisa has attached to this piece and notice someone who looks like my dad but is shorter...that is my uncle.

Uncle Jerry Pinsky
Gordon Precious performed the Vanishing Birdcage; of which he does beautifully. 
For the first 40 people to attend the day a free DVD of Gordon Precious performing and explaining the birdcage was given away...plus a write-up of his life in magic.

I would like to publicly thank three people who really helped me this happen and provided some great suggestions, Marc Linett and John Talbot! Thank you both very much!!!

AND last but not least...THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MARK BALUK. He videotaped the entire day and will be working on it so that at some point...hopefully not too long...all who were not present will be able to Download it from our website!

Mark Baluk is also responsible for making the free handout!

After we all sang Gordon happy birthday chocolate cake was served!!!

All in a all a wonderful day!!

Thank you all who came!!

Yours Very Truly-Jeff Pinsky

Annie enjoying the magic

Packed house!

David Merry and Gordon

Heather and Jahal

Jeff reading a wonderful letter to Gordon
from magician Michael Ross

Gordon telling some great stories

Monday 12 May 2014

The Amazing Randi Day at Browser's Den!.

May 12, 2014

Hi There Denizens,

Hope that you are ALL well.

What a wonderful surprise we had last Saturday at Browser's Den.

At about noon none other than The Amazing Randi entered the shop!!! He walked in with his entourage including the president of the Randi Foundation.

Randi was wearing black cape and stylish fedora and sporting a walking cane with a silver skull at it's top.

There were about ten magicians at the shop whose mouths dropped open very wide...I think that I could have pulled out a 50 foot mouth coil from their mouths they were so wide.

I pointed out to Randi that we had a framed poster of him hanging on the wall above the table that magicians hang around and chat. Randi sat down in the chair directly below his poster.

 He encouraged others to sit down and join him at the table.

For the next hour or so Randi performed some impromptu tricks with cards, paper balls, etc.
And he asked others to show him a trick or too.

In short he was so friendly and engaging to all. When he was told he has to leave for other appointments he stayed long enough to take photos and sign autographs with everyone.

I wish I had been given some advance notice. We would have sent out an eflyer to let more people know.

Until Next Time,