Saturday 2 March 2013

Thanks to Lisa & Michael Close & John Pellatt

March 2, 2013

Dear Magic Friends,

Jeff Pinsky here.  I hope that you are all good and happy.

One of our wonderful customers and a talented writer wrote a short piece about our shop.
His name is John Pellatt. He is a regular of our shop and  visits us weekly.

John is a lifetime magic hobbyist. He is a professional writer with a focus on comedy.

Lisa who is the Art Director and Michael Close who is the Editor of the Society of American Magician's magazine, MUM, liked the piece and decided to publish it in the most current edition of the magazine.

Lisa and Michael added some photos of the shop to give John's piece some texture for those who are not in Toronto.

I would just like to publicly thank all three of them for their hard work and support.
In some ways I am a bit of a nutty fellow and really had no desire to have anything written about our shop. I thought that a piece about our shop may be included should they decide to write about all brick and mortar magic shops in Canada but I lost the 'argument'.

Also, I would like to publicly thank Lisa for her tremendous support and hard work since joining our little team here at Browser's Den.

Though Lisa is behind the counter and overseeing the shop only once per week she does a lot more that many of you do not see.

So...A...BIG, BIG...MAGICAL THANK YOU from me to Lisa Close; a most magical and wonderful human being.

Until Next Time,