Monday 27 October 2014

Time for a New Blog

October 27, 2014

Hi There Browser's Denizens,

No this (finally) new Blog is not a trick...and the way I write certainly not a treat.

It has been a few months since I posted anything new.
Some of you have figured out by now writing a Blog is not something I enjoy doing. For me, there are already so many Blogs and posts to read. And I truly feel I have little to add.

Further and I am not complaining just pointing out that I am at the shop six days a week. Each night after we close I get home between 8:15pm and 8:30pm depending on whether or not I am taking mail orders to the post office because we close at 7:00pm ish.
Then dinner...So as you can imagine there  is little time to construct somewhat coherent Blogs. And by 9:00pm I am a bit tired.  And thus a battle each night...Turner Channel Old Movies vs. Browser Blog.

Anyway, some of you mention my lack of writing new you go.

We have had many wonderful and fun events the past few months. All of which we have been blessed with strong attendance.

The Asi Wind and Chris Mayhew lectures were particularly strong and informative.

Chris provided a nice selection of old and some new effects. He is just such a fun guy to spend an afternoon of learning with.

Asi Wind...Well, for my money his lecture is filled with closers.  He is one smart sneaky fellow who really cares about magic.

We have some events coming up for your consideration in the new year.
And of course our 39th Anniversary party is only a couple of weeks away.

On another note we have many serious students of magic at the shop.
But I must point out one for his supreme level of creativity. And that person is Luiz Castro.
It is truly amazing how many ideas  he comes up with. Plus he takes his ideas and turns them into props/gimmicks.
He is an amazing guy!

Until next time.
Jeff Pinsky
Browser's Den of Magic
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