Friday 29 March 2013

Scott McClelland Lecture

On Sunday March 24 SCOTT McCLELLAND gave a lecture at our shop. He seldom gives lectures. In fact this may have been his first though he has been a performer for about 30 years.

And what a wonderful treat it was for the 37 or so in attendance.

Scott McClelland is easily one of the best performers in his field.

As soon as people walked into Browser's Den they knew that this was going to be something different...something special. Scott had truly transformed the whole look of the shop by setting up a magnificent backdrop.

The backdrop filled the entire width of the shop and was about 10 feet high. Rather than me describe the backdrop you can see the photos that accompany this piece.

Ironic is that the Earth tone colours of his backdrop perfectly matched the colours of the shop. Just amazing how this can change the entire look and feel of the shop. For the two plus hours of his lecture it created a different tone...and resulting in a unique experience.

Mr. McClelland discussed his theory on performing Bizarre Magic. Most of the principles and techniques he explained could be most easily adapted to most performing styles.
Without a doubt I think that most of those in attendance went home thinking about how they can improve their show. Scott raises the bar for the rest of us by his unbelievable attention to detail. In particular he spends a lot of time doing research to give his pieces a backbone upon which to build a connection with his audience.

He also brought with him many different types of unique props including a mermaid that is about 130 years old...By the way...No, she does not have a sister.

Joking aside I am so glad we were fortunate to spend such a wonderful evening. We were all truly inspired to reach new heights.

There was tons and tons of wonderful information...So glad many of you were able to participate.

Until Next Time,

Jeff Pinsky

Monday 11 March 2013


March 11, 2013

Dear Magic Friends,

Yesterday our good friend, Mr. Roy Kueppers made a formal visit to our shop.  Mr. Kueppers for those of you who may not know makes all of the Canadian trick coins that we sell. He also makes non-Canadian trick coins; plus magic wands, Okito Boxes,etc.

It was a really fun day!
So many of our fine customers came to the shop to meet Roy.   Roy answered lots of questions about the maintenance of the coins as well as how much time and effort and thought he puts into the manufacture of them.
We are so luck to have someone manufacturing trick Canadian coins. When I (Jeff Pinsky) was growing up it was practically unheard of to find trick Canadian coins. Only U.S. and British trick coins were available! 

Cookies and coffee was served throughout the day.  At 4pm we had Guinness World Record Holder of Coin Rolls, MICHAEL FRANCIS, show some of his skill and then answer questions about what it takes to prepare to beat a world record.
Afterwards our good friend JAMES HARRISSON performed about 30 minutes of superb coin magic. James' coin and pen routine was a standout! Mr. Harrisson has been a professional for many years now and though he performs different types of magic he is one of the performers in Canada who does a pickpocket act.
To close the show JAMES ALAN performed an excellent multi-phase coin routine which ended with the production of a huge bottle of wine!

I would personally like to thank all who participated in making the afternoon such a success!
And of course I would like to publicly thank all of our wonderful customers who came and supported both Roy and Browser's Den!!!

Magical Hugs,
Jeff Pinsky.

Saturday 2 March 2013

Thanks to Lisa & Michael Close & John Pellatt

March 2, 2013

Dear Magic Friends,

Jeff Pinsky here.  I hope that you are all good and happy.

One of our wonderful customers and a talented writer wrote a short piece about our shop.
His name is John Pellatt. He is a regular of our shop and  visits us weekly.

John is a lifetime magic hobbyist. He is a professional writer with a focus on comedy.

Lisa who is the Art Director and Michael Close who is the Editor of the Society of American Magician's magazine, MUM, liked the piece and decided to publish it in the most current edition of the magazine.

Lisa and Michael added some photos of the shop to give John's piece some texture for those who are not in Toronto.

I would just like to publicly thank all three of them for their hard work and support.
In some ways I am a bit of a nutty fellow and really had no desire to have anything written about our shop. I thought that a piece about our shop may be included should they decide to write about all brick and mortar magic shops in Canada but I lost the 'argument'.

Also, I would like to publicly thank Lisa for her tremendous support and hard work since joining our little team here at Browser's Den.

Though Lisa is behind the counter and overseeing the shop only once per week she does a lot more that many of you do not see.

So...A...BIG, BIG...MAGICAL THANK YOU from me to Lisa Close; a most magical and wonderful human being.

Until Next Time,