Monday 22 April 2013

Fun Auction at Browser's Den!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday at Browser's Den we had an auction.  We have been doing two full day auctions at Browser's for over 35 years!
It is a day that is filled with unique items, great deals and fun for sure.

Shawna, Lisa and I (Jeff) are so glad that so many of you decided to attend even though Sunday was a very sunny day.

Great to see many regular attendees of the auction plus some new faces!

There were posters, books, and DVD's too that were auctioned off.

I was the auctioneer throughout. Michael Close was trying to get back in time from the United States to auction off some items too but the auction ended a bit earlier than normal and Michael got in a bit late. But it was nice that he along with Lee Asher, Ben Train and Glenn West dropped by the shop to say hello.

Ava Close, the daughter of Lisa and Michael, came for the day. She is a very beautiful and bright young 6 year old.

I was a bit worried that Ava would get bored the whole day at the shop listening to some sweater-vested guy auction off items...But she was very quiet and well behaved. She kept busy at our office desk answering some emails and doing some accounting for me. Okay, not...she was doing something on an iPad.

I have hired Ava the 6 year old to give me lessons on how to use an iPad.

Until next time,