Monday 15 April 2013

Magic Camp Open House & Best Magician Contest

April 15, 2013

Hi There,

What a great time we had at the shop yesterday afternoon.

It was the Open House for Mike & Jen Segal's Sorcerer Safari Magic Camp.
Very pleased that the turnout was the best in about three years. Lots of kids and teenagers with their parents finding out about the camp.

Plus others showed up who have participated at the camp for many years including: Lee and Christina Asher, Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Chris Westfall, Brad Allen, Rosemary Reid, Amy and more.

The night before I was honored to be asked to be one of the judges for the Best Magician Contest 2013 at the Market Village in Markham.

Other judges were Mr. Jim Tam and Mr. Lee Asher plus four Asian Cover Girl models.

It was nice to see some of our customers in the crowd. Primarily it was a large crowd filled with laymen.

Some of those you many know who competed were: James Alan, Keith Brown, Rosemary Reid, Alex Kazam, Jenny Parsons, Mohammed, Solomon. There were nine all together. My apologies but I forget the names of the other fine contestants.

The final performance was given by last year's winner Ryan Brown. Ryan did a wonderful performance of the rings and card manipulation.

Keith Brown was the winner with James Alan coming in a very close second.
All participants should be congratulated for trying their best. It takes guts to enter any sort of contest so they should all be commended for a fine effort.

Thanks to goes to Anson, Jim, Arthur, Willson, Wesley and their helpers.

Until Next Time,