Monday 17 June 2013

Lectures & More

June 17, 2013

Hi to all of our dear magic friends.
Finally some nice weather in Toronto. It certainly took long enough to get here.

I was very pleased that thirty people or so attended the Gerry Frenette lecture that we had two weeks ago at Browser's Den of Magic. Thanks to all of you who supported the lecture.

Gerry performed and taught a wide variety of effects. What was cool is that the effects he taught covered a pretty wide spectrum and none of them required any heavy-duty sleights.

My favorite part of the lecture was the section that Gerry devoted to explaining how illusions are made to appear thinner than they really are. His focus was on the base where usually a girl or two or more are hidden. He brought with him visual cutouts to drive home his points.
And though illusions have never been my thing in magic, I must say that I thought that it was very interesting...sort of the science part of our beloved magic world.

During the time (1995)  that I have been operating Browser's Den we have had hundreds of lectures/special events. And I know many of our customers enjoy the lectures because turnouts are generally strong.
But in all of the years and all of the events I cannot remember receiving from anyone such a nice albeit short note about a lecture of ours.
About two days after the Gerry Frenette lecture I received by email:

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to thank you again for the great day. I used to think Browser's Den was a store - but it feels more like an education centre - inspirational education. I feel truly grateful for having met you and for all you do-Jenny.
We have two more lectures coming up very shortly at Browser's Den. One is Chris Westfall (June 23 at 4pm). And the other is James Alan (July 7 at 4pm).  
I am really looking forward to both of these fine magicians.
Okay...Just thought I would type something out on my Monday off from the shop.
Bye for now-Jeff Pinsky
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