Monday 24 June 2013

Chris Westfall Lecture

June 24, 2013

Hi There,

Great time we had yesterday at Browser's Den of Magic.
Chris Westfall performed and lectured for a packed store of attendees. 

Chris covered a bunch of fine points on doing magic in restaurants; the dos and donts so to speak.

Great to see so many wonderful customers. He also had lots of support from his magic friends in attendance such as: Jeff Hinchliffe, Chris Mayhew, Ben Train, Lee Asher.
Before I forget I would like to thank so very much on behalf of all us here at the shop CAM DIX for bringing in such delicious snacks. Mind you, I think I have to go the gym now after consuming a couple of them.

Chris showed why he has been able to hold onto 3 different restaurant jobs for the past 10 years or so.

Nice to see too that Chris went the extra mile and with the help of James Alan had available a well produced and thought out book, dvd set for attendees.

Our next planned big lecture at Browser's Den is Justin Flom. His lecture takes place at our store on Sunday, August 25 at 2pm. We should have the full details on our site sometime later this week.

Until next time,
Jeff Pinsky
Browser's Den of Magic Shop
Toronto, Canada