Monday 26 August 2013

Justin Flom Lecture &...

August 26, 2013

Dear Browser's Den of Magic Friends,

I hope that all is well.

Yesterday at Browser's Den we had a good lecture given by Justin Flom of the United States.
Those in attendance were treated to quite a varying selection of effects. Magic that you could perform for any age audience and some more intended for adults.

Justin also talked quite a bit about his experiences performing on television.
It may seem odd for those who did not take in the lecture but my favorite effect that he performed was a playing card version of Jacob's Ladder.

I was very pleased to see so many younger people (12 and under) in attendance. 
And I was pleased too to see regulars such as: John Talbot, Bobby Motta, Gary Wiseman, John McLachlan, Gordon Precious, Cam Dix, Mark Chan, James Alan, John Boisseaneault.

As an added bonus some of the magicians who will be taking part at Mike & Jen Segals 'Sorcerer Safari' were in attendance including FISM Champion Shawn Farquhar.

All in all a fun afternoon.

And now for a short commercial message. Coming in September at 'Browser's Den'"

BOBBY MOTTA, MENTALISM LECTURE: Sunday, September 22 (See Homepage of Site for Details)
JAY SCOTT BERRY MAGIC LECTURE: Sunday, September 29 (See Homepage of Site for Details)

Magical Hugs,
Jeff Pinsky
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