Monday 13 January 2014

Rob Power Lecture

January 13, 2014

Hi There Dear Magic Friends of Browser's Den!!

Jeff here.  It has been far too long since my last entry.
Not certain that anyone is actually reading these but should there be a few...sorry for the long wait in between my Blog posts.

We started off 2014 with a real big bang with the Rob Power lecture yesterday at the shop.
I was so pleased by the wonderful turnout! Rob is not someone who is well known amongst hobbyists. Most professionals who do not put out products for the magic industry are never really well known unless they make it big.

During Mr. Power's lecture he showed why he has been so busy the past 30 years performing. His talents touch upon many areas of entertainment.
During the lecture attendees were given a treat of a magic buffet and instruction that included: Manipulation, Sleight of Hand, Miser's Dream, Puppetry, Comedy, Fire-Eating, Close-Up Magic and even some crazy fun balloon creations.

But aside from the magic, Rob truly shared so many tidbits of priceless information. Well if not priceless, at least information that takes in many cases 30 years of experience to truly discover...Discover the old fashioned way...through trial and error and hard work.

And if you do not mind me adding...Heck, most lectures we host are ten or fifteen bucks...the price of a movie. I honestly feel and have always felt that if someone gets one or two pieces of information or tricks that they learn then the lecture is a real bargain.
How many movies do people attend that are the same old recipes? Lectures are a bargain.
Okay enough about that mini-rant.

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Rob brought his guitar and played a short song to drive home a magic point! He went well beyond the call of duty.  He did so because he loves his chosen art of communication and is willing to share.

My favorite part of his lecture was his production of a jumbo coin at the end of his Miser's Dream. I have read a lot about that trick as it is one of my favorites. But maybe I missed this somewhere.... Rob stole the Jumbo Coin in a standard manner but hid it in his hand by placing the pail on top of it. So the hand that is holding the pail is the same hand that is holding the jumbo coin...perfectly covered from all angles. Simple right? And that is why it is so beautiful. Again I am sure it is written up somewhere but not in all the routines that I have read about the effect.

Wishing you all the best for 2014.
And don't forget...JAY SANKEY LECTURE at Browser's Den on Sunday, February 9. Please visit the homepage of our website for full details.

Magical Hugs,