Monday 3 March 2014

Jay Sankey & Card Collector's Day

March 3, 2014

Dear Magic Friends,

Since most of us are talking as much about the weather as we are about our latest sleight of hand moves I am pleased to report that I will make a prediction.
As popular is mentalism these days it was never of much interest to me for most of my formative years studying magic.  Though I do appreciate it more now than then...I still enjoy scarves changing colour and canes changes to candles, linking rings and coins and cups and balls, etc.etc.

That being said, I have decided that I will make a prediction regarding our weather. The cold will disappear by the time I write my next Blog! 

Three weeks ago we hosted a wonderful lecture at our shop by Jay Sankey. I believe that over my 18 plus years running Browser's Den that this is the fourth time we have had a formal lecture by Jay at the shop.

As has always been the case we get a good turnout for Jay. About 62 people attended the lecture; for which we are very thankful.

All in attendance were treated to the usual Sankey wonderful magic.
I noticed that Jay really engaged the crowd when he discussed some magic theory. He made some thought provoking commnets for certain.
One statement he made was that he believed that the origin of the magician in black cape, top hat and moustache was in response to most magicians hiding. Hiding their true shy personality in many cases.  He thought of it as a failure that this has become an iconic figure of magicians.
Jay believes that we magicians must stop hiding behind our costumes and get to the core of magic and our relationships with the audience. Beginning by hiding our true self he believes is a poor starting point.

Jay did a wonderful array of magic.
My favorite was his routine with a borrowed ring and straw.
I know that does not sound like much...but boy oh boy did it look like real magic!!! He fooled me too!

Yesterday, March 2nd we had Tom and Judy Dawson and their Card Collectors Club have a meeting at Browsers' Den.
What a fun, fun time it was for all in attendance.
The Dawsons spoke a bit about the history of playing cards and how to maintain their condition.
What a pleasant couple they are to spend an afternoon with.
Many customers and some of the members of their collectors club brought decks of cards to show, trade and sell to one another.

Also in attendance was Mr. Lee Asher. Lee asked me to host this about three weeks ago. I would have liked a bit more time to promote the event but I am still pleased that about 30 showed. I do thank Lee for the opportunity.

Last Friday night, February 28th, I and John Pellatt (A long time customer of Browser's) drove up to see Bobby Motta perform at Dave & Buster's.
I had never been to Dave & Busters'. John I had enough time to have a quick bit at the restaurant located within the facility.
I was pleasantly surprised that the food was very good and plentiful; not what I expected.

The show was very well attended. I saw about twenty or so customers of Browser's Den in attendance for Bobby's show.

Bill Abbott was the opener. Bill did about 30 minutes of fun and entertaining  Mental Magic. 
I have always thought that one of Bill's great assets is his interaction with audience members. That quality of this really shined through Friday night.
Let's face it, the roles could have been reversed in that Bobby would be opening for Bill. It is a credit to Bobby that he has someone like Bill who is so strong open for him!!
Bill really warmed up the audience well for Bobby.

After Bills' performance there was a two minute break.
Then Bobby came out and did about 1 hour and 45 minutes of VERY STRONG mindreading/mentalism.
I encourage everyone out there to take in Bobby's show.
I am one hundred percent certain that those laymen in the audience (about 100 or so laymen) walked out of that theatre wondering if what they saw that night from Bobby was real or not.
And that not the goal of all magicians/mentalists? That is, for the audience to wonder if what they saw was real or not?

And to top it off not only is Bobby's material super strong...But he has the most important ingredient as far as I am concerned for any performer...THE AUDIENCE LIKES BOBBY MOTTA within 2 minutes of him appearing on stage.  And folks as the old saying goes...that is half the battle.

Until Next Time,
Jeff Pinsky
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