Thursday 20 November 2014

39th Anniversary Party

November 20, 2014

Dear Browser Denizens,

To all those who attended our 39th Anniversary Party last Sunday I send you all a giant THANK YOU!
It was a wonderful turnout of support for our shop. I am truly touched.

Now that the party is over I can also post that this year's 2014 Len Cooper Memorial Award went to worthy recipient Ryan Brown. He has worked very diligently on our beloved art of magic!

Also we were pleased to recognize the wonderful and relentless work of Nicole Lee.  Through her website she promotes all things magical.
It was nice too that both her daughter and husband were present to witness her award.

Of course Bernice Cooper co-founder of Browser's Den with the late Len Cooper, attended the party too. She showed up in the middle afternoon. 
So many attendees were pleased to see her friendly face. And Bernice was present to witness Ryan receiving the Len Cooper award.

I very much would also like to thank all of my kind helpers that day including: Shawna, Eric, Luiz, Lisa, John Michalson and Abdurrahman. Without their help it would have been an impossible task to have the day run as smoothly as it did.

So thanks again!!!

Yours Truly-Jeff Pinsky
Browser's Den of Magic
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