Monday 12 November 2012

Hi there Friends of Browser's Den of Magic

Jeff Pinsky here.

Okay, years ago when we first launched our website, the wonderful Gerry Malisani constructed a  'Jeff's Journal Page' for me to post upon. Many of you wrote lots of stuff and the journal was quite active.

Now all these years later Lisa has set-up for me this new Blog. I will try to keep it somewhat fresh and not write too much about my sweater vests. Of course I do like sweater vests and have been wearing them since I was a kid.

I just never realized until two years ago that some of the regular customers talked about Jeff and his sweater vests.

The Blog will cover all types of stuff and thoughts as well as new product that comes to the shop. Though I will try not to make this too much of a sales pitch.

And for today I will sign-off by writing that I and Shawna, Lisa and Dennis truly hope to see you at this Sunday's 37th (November 18th) Anniversary Party; okay that was in a sense a sales pitch.

And oh if this magic shop thing does not work out...then I will launch a new retail shop 'Jeff's Sweater Vests'.

Magical Hugs, Jeff
November 12, 2012