Sunday 25 November 2012

More on 37th Anniversary Party

Hi There,

I know that most of you are watching the Grey Cup right now. Well, truth be told I have never really been interested in football whether it be Canadian or U.S.

I do not follow sports as much as when I was young.

During the 1970's and 1980's I did love to watch (and play) hockey, tennis. Watched a bit of golf too during that time.

Great memories of Jimmy Connors vs. Bjorn Borg; Gerry Cheevers vs. Ken Dryden; Jack Nicklaus vs. well...he was better than all of the rest week in and week out...though I did like Raymond Floyd.

So since I am not watching the Grey Cup I thought I would write a bit more about last week's shop anniversary party.

We have had many young magicians over the years. Many have become quite accomplished in 'magic' as the years have gone by.

However, I must say that I cannot remember anyone of the past quite as impressive as our current customer Mohammed. He is eleven years old; new to the country from Iran.

Mohammed is just wonderful with coins and cards. He has been impressing so many on the weekends with his ability and skill. I have noticed too that over the past month that his presentational skills have really started to grow; perhaps with his  greater confidence of the English language and experience performing tricks for customers his growth will continue to impress in this area.

Near the end of last week's anniversary party I noticed about ten customers most of whom over 25 years old surrounding Mohammed as he, Mohammed, performed trick after trick with regular cards and coins.

For more than an hour Mohammed did tricks, moves, etc. At the end I saw those watching him walking away shaking their head in disbelief at how wonderful is Mohammed.

We never know when he will drop in to the shop with his father or mother (Also, both lovely people.). But I hope that should you visit 'Browser's Den' on the weekend you will have a chance to experience this amazing 11 year old's skill.

Until next time,
Jeff Pinsky

P.S. In case you are curious I was not wearing a sweater-vest when I wrote this blog. Rest assure though that I will be wearing one when I am at the magic shop.