Wednesday 14 November 2012

November 14, 2012

Dear Magic Friends,

Often customers show me a move/sleight that they are working on for my opinion.

There are MANY details needed to perform and perfect a sleight undetected. I will not go into that today.

However, one point I do remind them sometimes is that one should rotate between performing the sleight and actually doing the intended action.

For example if you are practicing a certain coin vanish...Practice doing the sleight with the coin four or five times. And then stop and actually do the same act except do not do the move/sleight. That is, actually place the coin in the hand for real.

See how your hands move together. Feel how your whole body acts and especially take note of what you are thinking.

Go back and forth between executing the sleight and then doing the exact same movements but without the sleight.

Hopefully that makes sense to you with the goal of keeping your magic looking natural.

Bye for today, Jeff

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