Sunday 9 December 2012

Hat & Rabbit Club Visit

Hi There,
Jeff demonstrates to Ring 17 members.

Browser's Den is very blessed to have the support of the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club, Ring 17.

Last Thursday, December 6th the club and many of its active members visited our shop. The meeting began at about 7:00pm and ended at about 9:00pm. But many members stayed at the shop until 10:30pm.

The club holds one of their meetings at our shop every two years. For many though this was their first time at our new 3220 Dufferin location.  We had many nice comments about the new shop.

Great to see members in no particular order: Andrew Goss, John McLachlan, Gordon Precious, John Talbot, Dr. Paul O'Connell, Gary Wiseman, Jeff Snape, Gerry Frenette, Nicole Lee, Ted Harding, Johan Duker, Eric Simattis, Rylan Cordoso, Paul Pacific, Mark Lewis and many others.

Club President James Alan was not free to attend but he had Lisa present a pre-recorded laptop video to play to all at the beginning of the evening. James is a clever and creative guy.

I demonstrated magic tricks for about an hour and a half. Most of the tricks I demonstrated were effects one would perform for family audiences during the holiday season.  Most of them we have video demos that you can watch on our Youtube Channel.

After the demos people socialized and enjoyed coffee and snacks provided for by the club.

All in all it was a FUN evening.

A big thank you to Shawna & Lisa for working a very late shift. And in particular a VERY BIG  thank you to Mr. John Michalson. John is not technically an employee of the shop but he helps out if he is free at most of our events.

And, oh yes... I did wear a sweater-vest.

Bye for now,