Wednesday 12 December 2012

Lunch with Bernice Cooper

December 12, 2012

Hi There,

Jeff Pinsky here.
I hope that everyone realizes that writing about my life in shop or out but especially outside of the shop is not, has never been and never really will be a comfortable/natural thing for me.
However, this is a new world I am in and so I write the Blog.

I took Bernice Cooper out for lunch this past Monday. We were together for about 2 and a half hours. Getting together with her for lunch was well overdue. But with only one day off each week it is a bit tough for me.

Bernice for those of you who are new to Browser's Den of Magic is the wife of the late Len Cooper and co-founder of our shop.
I bought the shop from Len and Bernice back in November 1995.

Bernice ordered a nice omellete and I had a grilled vegetable sandwich. We each had a bowl of soup and coffee.

The restaurant was near Yonge & Steeles.  I had not been at that restaurant in about seven years. The last time I was there I had lunch with my father and my uncle from Montreal.

During lunch Bernice and I talked about the good and sometimes not so good old times.
At 79 years of age her mobility is not great but it was certainly great to have lunch with such a classy woman.

Bernice told me that she really enjoyed coming to the shop during last November's Shop Anniversary Party.  At the party she was glad to see old customers and meet plenty of new ones. Bernice was especially pleased to see and talk with Lisa at the party.

And on that note...Lisa has been a FANTASTIC addition to the shop. We miss Jeff Hinchliffe for certain. But Lisa has helped out so much in so many ways. She has made a big impact on the shop in a very short period of time.

I should also publicly thank Mark Lewis for suggesting Lisa as an addition to our small team. So...thank you Mark.

Bye for now,