Monday 15 July 2013

Deborah Almost Zig-Zagged Forever!

July 15, 2013

Dear Magic Friends,

Have you ever heard the old cliche curiosity killed the cat?
Well on this past Saturday at the shop the curiosity of  John Pellatt almost zig-zagged Deborah into the world of all past and departed magic assistants. Okay, she was never in any real harm or danger. But please read on...
This all happened because I decided to ask the wonderful Lisa Close to help me out behind the counter for a Saturday.
Here are the details so that you will see how Deborah was almost Zig-Zagged forever...
Hanging out at the shop with some other customers were Deborah and her boyfriend Dr. Sammy.
One of our customers had left a Zig Zag illusion on consignment at our shop for us to try and sell.

During the afternoon of what had been a very pleasant and uneventful day at Browser's Den walks in the very curious, professional writer and lifetime magic enthusiast a one John Pellatt.

On past occasions John had dined with both Deborah, Sammy, Paul and some others. On this day he proceeded to wish Lisa and I and Dr. Sammy a pleasant hello. Then he gave Deborah what appeared to be a most innocent kiss on the cheek . Little did we know at the time that it was The Kiss of the Zig Zag Curse.

John then turned his attention to the Zig Zag Illusion. He was most curious about its inner workings...its secret. He told us that he did not know how it worked.
John walked about the illusion. Looking the illusion up and down and up down. Then he looked at Deborah up and down...What was he thinking?
John opened up the top door of the Zig Zag Illusion and peered the inside of darkness.

Lisa came to his rescue!
She stated that she knew all about the illusion and would be most happy to demonstrate this to all.
Deborah being a kind soul was happy to assist. Deborah took off her shoes and Lisa positioned her inside of the Zig Zag.

And then...once all was in place...Lisa zig and zagged poor Deborah's middle to the left! It looked great. There was Deborah in obviously three pieces yet no pain; still a most pleasant smile on her face. I may add that there was a pleasant smile on all of our faces.

The pleasant smiles quickly disappeared into Robert Harbin history for when Lisa decided to Un-Zig Zag Deborah...well, Deborah's middle would not well..would not go back to the centre.
DEBORAH was in fact in permanent Zig Zag Lymbo!!!

Now the person who really lost his smile was yours!
Lisa pulled and pushed and pushed again...but poor Deborah was still in three pieces.  John Pellatt who was the one fascinated with the illusion started to ask Dr. Sammy if he Dr. Sammy would still be interested in being the boyfriend of Deborah should she permanently be in three pieces. Dr. Sammy replied that he needed time to think about.

Fifteen minutes later and with my face covered in sweat from anxiety Deborah was released from the mind and inventiveness of Robert Harbin the inventor of the Zig Zag Illusion.
Of course it was the sweater-vested fellow, me, who saved Deborah as he realized that by opening the bottom door she could wiggle out to safety.

We all noticed that Dr. Sammy stayed calm and cool during the entire event. I suppose a doctor should stay calm under pressure...mind you he holds a PHD in Philosophy not Medicine.

At the end of the day John Pellatt who started all this got another kiss, Dr. Sammy took home Deborah in one piece, Lisa waved a goodbye with a big grin on her face and me...well, I breathed a sigh of relief and realized that I had something new to write about in this most silly world of Blogs.

Until Next Time-Jeff.
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